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ShareAlarmPro – Advanced All-In-One Network Access Control and Folder
Monitoring Software!

ShareAlarmPro is network security software that allows performs network shares and folder
monitoring, block unwanted users attempting to access secured shares and confidential files
over network, detect and log accessed files and folders. With ShareAlarmPro you are
and well-informed about files and folders access over network.

The software includes Firewall and intrusion detection system based on a security
events log analyzer
, in addition software allows monitor security events and
permissions changes
. This software also provides you with the ability to manage and
monitor all shares on your workstation, disable or enable default administrative shares,
hide your workstation on the network, view the number of the users currently connected to
each shared resource on your workstation. ShareAlarmPro also lets you easily browse your
LAN and view all shared resources irrespective of whether they are hidden or not as well as
view connections to shared resources on remote workstations.

ShareAlarmPro includes folder watcher functions. You can perform folder monitoring
and folder content change tracking.
With ShareAlarmPro you can centralize all alarms,
thus having the opportunity to monitor several shares on multiple servers from a single
location. The program logs all detected events ( access to shared folders, security events,
folder watcher events ) in an HTML format.
ShareAlarmPro Key Features

Intrusion Detection System based on security Events analyze
ShareAlarmPro have incrusted intrusion detection system based on Security Event Log

Shared resources Monitor
ShareAlarmPro detects and notifies about remote connections to shared resources and
allows you to see parameters of the workstation, which tries to establish a connection with
your computer. The remote workstation, user, path, OS, permissions of the accessed folder,
connection time will be available via this tool.
Firewall Controls
Personal firewall provides home users and small-business owners with the highest level of
protection. It stops known and unknown Internet threats and blocks unwanted connections.

Security Event Log Monitor
Security Event Log Monitor monitors the security event logs of Windows NT/2000/XP
servers or workstations and notifies on the possible intrusions/attacks detection.
Network resources monitor
Network resources Monitor, using user predefined username and password in
ShareAlarmPro configuration, shows detailed listings of shares and hidden shares in
network computers.

Files and folders content change log
Folder watcher could track and log changes in any user selected folder.
Accessed files log
ShareAlarmPro log which files in your shares was accessed from network.
Share permissions monitoring
ShareAlarmPro monitor your shares permissions and notifies you if access to any restricted
group granted.

What's New:
. ShareAlarmPro Nominated for European Shareware Conference Epsilon Award
. ShareAlarmPro won the Shareware Industry Awards 2006 Best Utility Using Net

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