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How do I find the geographical location of a host, given its IP address ?
You have found the right place!
Ip2CountryResolver Description
File Size: 678 KB IP to Country Resolver allows you to identify the
country by given IP Address. If you are doing
business on the Internet and you want to know where
your users are from, you've found the right place!
Ip2CountryResolver will help you to find and identify
visitor's geographical location country and country
code by its IP address. The tool is designed with a
user- friendly interface and is easy to use.
Last update:
OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
System Requirements: 32MB Ram, 1MB free disk space
License: Freeware
Last Changes: Updated country by given IP Address resolver
Ip2CountryResolver allows you to identify  the country by given IP Address
Nsauditor scan and monitor network for possible vulnerabilities  

Nsauditor Network Security Auditor Nsauditor Network Security Auditor is a network
security scanner
that allows to audit and monitor network computers for possible
checks your network for all potential methods that a hacker might use to
attack it. Nsauditor is a complete networking utilities package that includes a wide range of
tools for network auditing, scanning, monitoring and more. You can discover network
services and check them for vulnerabilities, list all TCP and UDP endpoints with their
associated process, discover NetBios names, audit MS SQL servers, scan for common
Adware traces and more. The program also includes real-time network packet filtering and
analyzing, web proxy scanning, password auditing, IP address
lookup and more than 45
network tools for scanning, sniffing, enumerating and gaining access to machines, DNS
and WHOIS lookups, e-mail validation, HTTP traffic generator and intrusion detection based
on security events log. Reports can be generated in HTML and XML format. Overall, this is
a very complete package for a surprisingly low price.

Awards winning software !  Download Here

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